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Best Lightweight Chainsaw

Best Lightweight Chainsaw

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Weather you are looking to prune your over grown trees or fell a medium sized dead or unwanted tree these lightweight chainsaws are great for long periods of use or for use with back pain as they are lightweight but still have lots a power to get the job done.

Garden tools are a great addition to your tool arsenal for all those garden jobs that need a little bit more then a hand saw, Chainsaws are a great piece of kit from removing low hanging tree limbs overhanging garden paths to cutting up logs for the winter fire. 

Chainsaws come in many different varieties from huge heavy duty tree surgeon saws for felling large trees to homeowner saws for limbing and cutting up logs to ones on poles for easy reach and tiny hand held chainsaws for low to arm’s reach branches, 

They also come in mains powered corded models to petrol engines and now even battery powered so what ever you require there is a chainsaw out there for you.

There’s no other tool quiet like a chainsaw when you need these jobs done quickly and effortlessly. some chainsaws can be pretty heavy especially when holding for long periods of time or if you suffer from a bad back this is why we have put together a list and reviews of the best lightweight  chainsaws that have plenty of power for the task in hand that are on the market today.


Best Lightweight Chainsaws you can buy

1. Ryobi OCS 1830 : Excellent value and Brilliant power

Spec – Power Source: 5.0Ah Lit; Bar Length: 30cm; Chain Speed: 10m/s; Weight: 3.74kg; Sound Level: 94.1 dba; Vibration: 6.6m/s; 

2. Hyundai 62cc Petrol Chainsaw : Very Powerful And Reliable

Spec – Power Source: Petrol; Bar Length: 50.8cm; Chain Speed: 22m/s; Weight: 6.9kg Sound Level: 118dba; Vibration: 5.15m/s

3. Einhell GH-EC 2040 Electric Chainsaw : Tremendous value for the home owner

Spec – Power Source: 240V Mains Power Corded; Power Cable Length: 0.15 Meters; Bar Length: 40cm; Chain Speed: 13.5m/s; Weight: 5kg 

4. Dewalt DCM575N-XJ : Ultimate Performance And Durability

Spec – Power Source: 9.0Ah Lithium-ion Battery; Bar Length: 40cm; Chain Speed: 15m/s; Weight: 5.4kg with battery; Sound Level: 100.5 dba; Vibration: 3.5m/s; 

5. Husqvarna 120 Mark 11 Petrol Chainsaw : Exceptional Power And Capabilities

Specs – Power Source Petrol; Bar Length: 35cm; Chain Speed: 16.8m/s; Weight: 4.85kg; Sound Level: 113 dba; Vibration: 2.7 m/s; Chain Type: H37; Chain Pitch: 3/8″

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